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Erotic hypnosis that will blow your mind!

You are looking for erotic hypnosis, fetish audio plays or femdom hypnosis MP3? You have that one particular fetish that you cannot live out in real life? You are interested in BDSM or feminizations, but don't dare to try it for real? Our shop will help you to fulfill all your sexual desires. With our erotic hypnosis recordings, you will be able to live out your fetish right from the comfort of your own home. Just add your MP3 to the cart, purchase it and receive it within minutes - Download it to your computer and start your journey into new sexual heights!

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Look into her eyes!

You want to be unable to look at naked women for the next week? Let me get deep into your mind? And take away the ability to look at any exposed breasts or genitals? Even make it impossible to use derogatory terms for them? Then this is for you. Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

Swallow – or no orgasm for the next 3 days!

If you are a good little boy, and eat every drop of your own cum for me, I will reward you with pleasure. And to make the decision easier for you, I will also give you a strong desire to eat your own cum. Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

24 hours as a woman!

You want to find out how it feels to live as a woman? This MP3 will turn you for 24 hours into the woman of your dreams. Order this great 24-hours-feminization now and start to find out what it’s like to be a woman! Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

Unable to cum for the next two weeks!

Have you ever fantasized about giving control over your orgasms to a strong and dominant woman? Do you want to experience how it feels to be helplessly aroused for two whole weeks? This hypnosis-mp3 will make it come true! Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

The Slutty Maid 3 – Cockslut!

The third part of “Slutty Maid” will be your total conversion into a completely submissive, obedient, and subservient little maid. You’ll be completely feminized inside and out, all your masculinity erased from your body as well as from your mind. Only one thought left: Being filled with cock! Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

The Slutty Maid 4 – Be his present!

In this erotic hypnosis by Dark Freya, you will be the gift for one of her special guests at her party. And he, yes „he“, will use your slutty ass as you deserve it. And of course everybody will watch! Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

HFO Level 2 – Orgasm on Command!

Feel how Lady Surrender’s erotic whispers weave around your cock, as she seduces and instructs you to masturbate. You will edge until she finally commands your cock to orgasm! Continue reading

More Details $40,00 incl. VAT

You, the Glory Hole Slut!

Find yourself in a hypnotic fantasy, where you will be forced to work at a Glory Hole in a changing room. Lady Surrender will make sure you are trained properly and will leave you craving for more and more guys to pop in! Continue reading

More Details $40,00 incl. VAT

Deep… Layered… Complex…

Let Lady Surrender become your brainwashing temptress and experience how she takes total control of your mind, leaving you completely blank and empty minded. Continue reading

More Details $42,00 incl. VAT

Get teased … and denied!

Once you’ve listend to this erotic hypnosis MP3, even the slightest touch will incredibly turn you on. But the more you try to have an orgasm, the less you will be able to have one. Feel how all your senses will grow numb as soon as you’re about to climax! Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

Teasing your Cock!

Listen to Lady Surrender’s whispers, follow her erotic stroking instructions and feel your hard, throbbing cock as she programs your mind to become her horny f*ck-toy! Continue reading

More Details $15,00 incl. VAT

Addicted & Fixated on Sucking Cock!

This erotic sissification hypnosis will turn you into a hungry sissy slut, addicted to sucking more and more cock. You will be completely fixated on filling your slutty sissy mouth! Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT