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Erotic hypnosis MP3 for every fetish!

Erotic hypnosis that will blow your mind!

You are looking for erotic hypnosis, fetish audio plays or femdom hypnosis MP3? You have that one particular fetish that you cannot live out in real life? You are interested in BDSM or feminizations, but don't dare to try it for real? Our shop will help you to fulfill all your sexual desires. With our erotic hypnosis recordings, you will be able to live out your fetish right from the comfort of your own home. Just add your MP3 to the cart, purchase it and receive it within minutes - Download it to your computer and start your journey into new sexual heights!

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Horny little Panty Bitch!

In this erotic sissy hypnosis, Mistress Amethyst has a devious plan in mind. She will brainwash you into becoming her horny little panty bitch, completely under her control. Feel her taunting brainwashing powers as she mindfucks you to become obsessed with wearing panties. Continue reading

More Details $30,00 incl. VAT

Curse-Hypnosis – The curse of a greedy cock!

Always so horny, so unsatisfiable. Your cock will constantly be horny and your orgasms will intensify from each orgasm to the next. This ist a new way of life in pure lust! Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

Overwhelming Cock Cravings!

As an honorable mention at Seattle Jasmine’s Annual Sissy Hypno Awards 2014, this is the perfect recording to sissify and program you to have intense cravings of serving and sucking cock. Continue reading

More Details $40,00 incl. VAT

Soft. Silky. Sexy!

In this erotic hypnosis loop, Lady Surrender will train you with her intense panty programming, that will leave you with a strong craving for wearing silken feminine panties for her. Become her sexy panty slave now! Continue reading

More Details $25,00 incl. VAT

Sissy Slut Training!

Sissy sluts don’t get off… unless they get permission. Today you’re in luck. Lady Surrender is going to give you instructions to rub that slutty sissy clitty and then wait… Wait for her instructions to cum. Mmm… naughty sissy slut! Continue reading

More Details $8,00 incl. VAT

Sissified by Cheerleaders!

In this erotic hypnosis fantasy, you will find out how humiliating and how arousing it feels to be caught by a group of sexy cheerleaders and be turned into a sexy cheerleader yourself. Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

Become a princess for the rest of the day!

Dark Freya will safely store away your male memories and identity to then completely fill your mind with happy princess thoughts. So mindless and happy. Only focused on her “prince charming” and being so submissive to him. Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

Rendering you Powerless!

In this erotic deep programming session, Mistress Amethyst’s seductive whispers will put you under a hypnotic spell that leaves you submissive, aroused and eager to serve. Continue reading

More Details $30,00 incl. VAT

You are the maid!

This erotic hypnosis recording by Dark Freya will turn you into a submissive, obedient, subservient, hard working, docile and very loyal working maid for your mistress! After this recording you will not only love cleaning the house – you will have a strong craving for it! Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT

Two Shemale Cocks and You!

Shemale cock in your obedient slut mouth. Shemale cock penetrating your arse. In this hypnotic shemale sex session, you will be used & filled by shemale cock and slutified to constantly crave more. Continue reading

More Details $25,00 incl. VAT

Clitty Indoctrination!

You are craving to be sissified. You want that useless man cock to finally turn into the small, limp sissy clitty that it should be… This cock to clitty brainwashing hypnosis by Lady Surrender is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! Continue reading

More Details $25,00 incl. VAT

CFNM – Take off your clothes!

Be an obedient litte boy and become naked in front of your Mistress. You will learn to accept that clothed femals make the rules of all nude males. That’s just the way it is and it will feel so good… Continue reading

More Details $35,00 incl. VAT